Would you trust your heart more with your passwords than your brain?

I've never trusted multi-factor authentication because when you really need help logging in, you've probably forgotten your password, lost your wallet and your phone. What we need is a secure way to log in that doesn't rely on our brain to remember simplistic passwords.
The Nymi bracelet, from Bionym, can securely manage your passwords, and even make payments, because it relies on your electrocardiogram, a measure not of your heart rate but of the electrical activity generated by your heart. Once the clasp is broken, or the Nymi is removed from your body, it becomes obsolete. 

CVS to Shorten Receipts by 25%

Would you believe it? Friday CVS posted on Facebook that they will now produce shorter receipts! Thousands of voices, or pictures, can make a difference.

Post by CVS.

Tired of Long CVS Receipts?

Social media strikes again. For years people have complained about the absurdly long receipts from CVS. Someone finally had the wherewithal, and a good sense of humor, to tackle the problem head on.

A parody account was created on Twitter -, to tell CVS what people really think about the trash CVS is creating every day. Go ahead, post your own picture of you and your CVS receipt.

Gamification Companies

I've pulled together a list of gamification companies in three categories, those that can build a gamification solution for you, those that provide a gamification solution and two Serious Game solutions.
Build It (15) These companies write the software or provide a service which can be used to develop a gamification program or integrate your gamification platform with other services.​ BazaarvoiceSocial CommerceCadalysSalesForce and integrationClariticsBig data analyticsCloudSquadsSocial enterprise integrationCodeArmy ProgrammingCynergy StrategyDopamine StrategyEngineYard Platform as a service (PaaS)Jive Social enterpriseSharepoint Social enterpriseThinkwell Consumer physical space programsTibber Social enterpriseM2 Research StrategyUserInfuser Open source website gamificationYammer Social enterprise (Acquired by Sharepoint 2012) Buy It (27) These companies use gamification techniques to achieve a business  goal. They may ​or may not consider themselves to be a gamification company.…

What is Gamification?

Companies leverage game design and game mechanics to educate, motivate and engage people. The ancient mechanics of game play are powerful motivators hard wired into our brains and our culture. The oldest proof of this are dice, actually made of bone, excavated as part of a 5000-year-old backgammon set in south-eastern Iran. Today you don't need to look any further then casinos and professional sports to see how much value we place on the business of games. "Gamification is the application of game mechanics and game-thinking in non-game environments to influence desired behavior." A game is structured playing. They can be fun or serious but they always include rules, challenges and interaction. Humans are predisposed to play games so it’s not surprising that elements of gamification are found in marketing, teaching and design, however, we know it’s gamification if it includes these five elements: It provides feedback.It encourages discovery.It shows a path to mastery.It c…

Sleepy employees cost companies $31B annualy

​Trying to find ways to make your workforce more productive? The solution may lie in an employees home instead of the workplace. In the October issue of the journal Archives of General Psychiatry the article The Associations of Insomnia With Costly Workplace Accidents and Errors estimates that  insomnia is responsible for 274,000 workplace accidents and errors each year, costing about $31 billion in extra costs for organizations. Results from the America Insomnia Survey found that 7.2% of all costly workplace accidents and errors and 23.7% of all the costs of these incidents. Many wellness programs focus on weight loss and smoking cessation. A program designed to encourage healthy sleeping habits would certainly increase productivity as well as safety.

Facebook gifts are real

If you thought Facebook's mobile advertising plan was going to sink the company you didn't consider how many other sources of revenue they could tap into. Facebook just announced on their Blog a new service called Facebook Gifts
The concept is compelling. From your own newsfeed or on a friend's timeline you can click on a gift icon to send them something tangible for their birthday, anniversary or any occasion where an email just isn't enough. The recipient chooses their own ship to address so the process is simple... and simple means you will follow through.​ ​I know the Apple Cards app has changed how I send cards to friends. The mobile version of Facebook Gifts has the potential to be just as powerful. A mobile application doesn't make it more convenient to send gifts on the go. It means you can cross off another task whenever you want wherever you are. In fact, standing in line at Starbucks I may be inspired to send a Starbucks gift card to my friend for thei…