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And Now for Something Completely Different?

San Francisco | USA I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge one evening from the hills of Marin into San Francisco. The sun was setting over the ocean and the warm haze made the twin towers especially rich and beautiful. To my left strangers walked along and I took notice of how happy they were. Couples played like kids. Whole families excitedly chatted and pointed in every direction. A woman took a picture of her friend who raised her arms overhead as if she had climbed to the top of Mt. Everest.

It wasn't that the bridge was especially magnificent. It's not even golden - it's orange. But I realized she was so happy to be ‘here’, to be on a journey that took her away from the safety of her home and the comfort of routine. To be standing in a place she had until now only seen in pictures or read about in books. I realized how important it is to constantly embrace discovery. I needed to rejuvenate my sense of curiosity.

In order to refresh your brain and stimulate new ideas y…