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I'm here!

Taipei | Taiwan

I'm here! It's been three weeks now and I'm starting to settle in. I can tell you however that it wasn't an easy transition. From the first day the temperature has been around 92 degrees and it cools down only a bit in the evening. With the humidity I am sweating constantly.

On the first Saturday I went with some friends to the mouth of the Dansui River. It's kind of like Fisherman's wharf - only people actually like going there. It was of course hot, so we ordered drinks served from this great big glass container filled with a burgundy colored juice with ice and chunks of lemon floating through it. Let me tell you - shrimp juice is not as refreshing as it looks.

That's about the only bad food experience I have had. Sometimes I can identify what I'm eating, but usually I haven't the faintest idea. It's all delicious though, and very healthy.

You've never seen so many scooters. When ever the light changes there's …