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My home is in Taiwan

Taipei | Taiwan
I feel like I awoke from a dream. Just the other day I walked upstairs in my parent’s house and doubted what my memory told me was true. Outside my blue truck was parked, same old patch of paint peeling off the top. "I can't believe Ford wouldn't cover paint under their warranty" I fumed for the umpteenth time.

The wonderfully burnt smell of coffee drifted from the kitchen and my mom asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I remembered teaching English. Riding the MRT to class. Sitting on a stool small enough for a child as I ate beef noodle soup on the sidewalk. It doesn't seem possible that just a few hours ago I lived in Taiwan.

Now I'm lying in the hard bed of a cold Yosemite cabin. For 23 years my family has gone to Yosemite for Thanksgiving and this year was no exception. It's four A.M. and I count the hourly chimes on my watch. Rolling over and over, winding the sheets about me - I know I was in Taiwan because my body is sti…

A special drink from Snake Alley

Taipei | Taiwan
Could there be anything better than a platter of dried squid with your beer? That's a snack we often order with our first round of beers. Stringy white strips like beef jerky dipped into a spicy chili sauce.

Speaking of tasty drinks, I promised you the details of a special drink from Snake Alley. After spying the crowd around one of the vendors we pushed through to see what was going on. We were all standing in front of a restaurant. People inside we're enjoying soup and some sort of fried dish. A table was set up in the front and a very large Python slept contentedly on top of the table. Fortunately trapped inside a small wire cage.

To the left three snakes were hung like a horrible curtain. They were suspended by string strung around their heads; and trust me, they were quite dead. Our host talked quickly with the bored enthusiasm of a circus barker. A dingy microphone hung from his neck and he casually batted at three very angry Cobras with the same h…