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Merry Christmas!

Taipei | Taiwan
Good morning and Merry Christmas! Christmas over here exists only on the radio and in the storefronts. But I was able to get a little Christmas from everyone at my parents Christmas Eve party. Everyone stopped by the computer to chat with me while they enjoyed turkey, ham, desserts galore and warm winter cheer. What I wouldn't do for a good California red wine right now.

Last night I went to a Taiwanese Christmas party at the University. It was basically a rave. A few people were wearing Santa hats. And of course, at midnight the big count down to Christmas - shi, jio, ba, chi, leo, wu, su, san, er, YI! Merry Christmas! Have you ever had a Christmas countdown before? I thought that was only for New Years?

Peter and Kevin get the prize for why it's the year 89 in Taiwan. Of course Peter was disqualified because he used to live here. 89 years as the Republic of China, before that it was the chin (sp) dynasty. It was established in 1911 as the Republic of Chi…

My contract will in expire on 08/15/90

Taipei | Taiwan
I guess this is the long strange trip part. The last two weeks have been exhausting. A friend of mine from the hostel was supposed to have found a place for us to live in while I was gone. This didn't happen, and the reasons why were becoming stranger and stranger.

Late Friday night I decided to find out a little bit more about the guy I would be spending the next year with. A very interesting story began to unfold.

The reason he's here is still sort of a mystery. But he assures me he can go back to the United States any time he wants. Hmmm, this raises the question, why the hell would you tell me that? Well it turns out he's not allowed to leave Taiwan. Something about no one can prove he did anything wrong and several million dollars. On second thought, rather than wait for storm troopers to bust through my door I decided to seek out a new roommate.

Can anything be more exhausting than looking for a new house? Rushing around from location to l…