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Looking for a good dentist who serves lunch

Taipei | Taiwan Each morning I pass by my neighborhood pharmacist. I've never bought glasses from him, but I do like to get my breakfast from the little kitchen he set up outside his office. Usually its "hoy twoy dan", a ham and egg sandwich. I think my pronunciation is getting better, but still he and his wife just about fall over with laughter every time I order.
Tuesday my sandwich was not going down very well. Each bite I swallowed scratched the back of my throat and this surely meant I would be laid out by a full-blown cold in a matter of days. I would have to take time off from work to nurse myself back to health while watching Chinese opera on TV.

I've had a few discussions with my friends about the pharmacists here. It seems they are held in high regard for spending a lifetime developing their own secret combinations for the drugs they prescribe. As a result it is a serious insult to ask for a second opinion or to even question the medication prescribed t…

In search of nothing in particular

Koh Chang | Thailand
With the glass tipped high the last foamy drop of coconut shake slides into my mouth and down my chin. Icy cold and blended from the endless supply of coconuts hanging above our heads. I savor every sip as slowly as the bus ride from Bangkok.
Stepping from the bus I'm overcome with air as hot as fire. Sweat runs down my face as I stop to consider my next move. Slowly I drag my bag down to the end of the dock and heave it into the stern of the island ferry. As we shove off I move up to the bow, lie down and point my toes towards Koh Chang. 
We hit the island, literally, and everyone bounds over the railing in search of an island taxi. They're really just pickup trucks with a roof rack for our bags. The bench in back is mighty uncomfortable looking...and quite frankly the only way we new of to Lonely Beach. 
Having never been to Koh Chang before I watched with amusement my guide to this week of bliss. Stefan is the kind of guy who walks around Bangko…