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"Zhu!" The crowd shouted back

Kending | Taiwan
Now that the crew of the U.S. Navy EP-3 electronic reconnaissance plane has returned safely to U.S. soil the game of politics is afoot. Around April 24th the U.S. will make a decision on whether to approve the sale of a significant arms package to Taiwan. The wording of how this deal is approved, or not approved, will clearly set forth our future relationship with China.

As you might have guessed, China is not terribly keen on the U.S. positioning any weapons off their coast. More importantly, Taiwan wants to be an independent nation and China insists Taiwan is a province of China. By selling arms to Taiwan the U.S. is "recognizing" Taiwan as an independent nation. The semantics will really be hitting the fan on that day; and I've got a front row seat.

In any event, with planes falling out of the air, super powers slinging mud and the balance of civilization hanging on the edge; Sica and I decided we needed to get a little sun and listen to some groovy…