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I will have my pie

Taipei | Taiwan
Mmmmmm asparagus juice. Unlike my unfortunate experience with shrimp juice - this is a tasty treat. A surprisingly sweet and light drink that's wonderfully refreshing on a baking hot day. You can also get a little visual entertainment from the can while you drink.

On one side a beautiful 1950's blonde beach bunny bends over to give me a wink. On the other side of the can is an illustration of the most phallic asparagus I've ever seen. What can I say, "asparagus juice makes man strong." A quote I often hear while trying something for the first time; like yummy, sort of, eel soup.

Speaking of baking hot - I'm not sure why but I asked one of my evening classes if they knew what a pie was. Their response was "of course." Several had even tried one before. Can you imagine my horror when they disclosed to me that a pie was the little fried thing you get at McDonalds!

It was several moments before I could regain my composure. In vain I tr…