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Cave spiders to dragon boats

Vang Vieng | Laos It really was no surprise the travel agent lied to me. Sometimes you just know your choices are limited and the more people try to candy coat it the worse it's going to be. My quick little 13-hour journey over the border from Hanoi stretched into a 26-hour nightmare. I peed with the pigs. Sat cramped over boxes of fruit. And as the pain roamed my body from my shoulders to my back to the sides of my head, I endured the frequent stops to pay off police.

Did you know Laos is the most bombed country in the history of mankind? This history of violence on the land and people was unknown to me before crossing into this beautiful land. Somewhere along the trip I tried to convince myself I was doing penance for entering Laos.

How could a land once home to hate and fear prepare me to find such warm people and intoxicating countryside? It was the difficult journey that demoralized me. Sick and exhausted I was ready to work my way back up.

The hills roll down into fla…