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Father hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry

Mill Valley | USA Well what do you know. I found my way home. Just over a year later and I've been transported from Asia to my folks home. With an ice-cold Sierra Nevada in my hands we talked about old news. A few things have changed in the last year, but sitting in the kitchen it seems as if I never left.
What on earth will I do next? As you may have guessed I came home for Thanksgiving. I decided I might as well stay home for Christmas and New Years before hopping on a plane again. In January I'm off to Japan to learn how to say, "I want more raw fish!" in Japanese. I haven't decided which city yet so if you have any advice about Japan please send it my way.
In the meantime I'm working away at scanning my pictures from the last year. You can see a few pictures from my trip to China right now.
One last little Taiwan story before you go. The number for Domino's Pizza in Taiwan is 882-5252. In Chinese this is pronounced "ba ba er - wu er wu er&qu…