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Hanami on the Kamogawa

Kyoto | Japan Of all the seasons I think winter is the most enchanting. It's truly magical when new snow drifts down to transform the landscape; wiping the ground clean of detail under a layer of downy white. Trees reach out to fill their branches with the icy but soft clusters of snow.
Stomping your feet and clapping your hands together for warmth seems a small price to pay for such a sight. I never questioned the extreme environment that always accompanied viewing nature in such splendor.
Walking through the streets of Kyoto I take great pleasure in noticing that each day is warmer than the previous. Just a few days ago I would obliviously walk by the cities cold leafless trees. They stood in the shadows or blocked my view of the river like dirty and warped scaffolding. 
Today I am rooted to the ground, staring up to the outstretched arms of these very same trees. They are filled with a snow so light it seems to pull up at the branches. A soundless burst of color as big as …