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In the winter I love my Kotatsu

Kyoto | Japan Hisashiburi! It's been a long time. It's a new year and I have a new computer. I went to an insane New Year's party at my sister's house and I made only one resolution I can keep - a new journal every month.

I'll start with the snow I'm looking at on my porch. It covers my plants and I'm sure they're quite dead. Outside it's 2*C. And it feels the same in my home. I don't know the official reason why all houses are so darn frigid, but here's what I heard. It goes back to the days before microwaves and central heating. A Western style house has a fireplace for heat and cooking and all the noxious fumes head up the flu. When the Japanese cooked in their house they didn't have a chimney. So for practical reasons a drafty house meant you wouldn't pass out while making a nice cup of tea.

There's no fire pit in my house. But apparently old habits die hard. Icicles are forming on the outside of my refrigerator a…