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Blended coffee with naked beans

Kyoto | Japan Although from time to time I do find myself lapsing into "kid in a candy store" mode; work has largely replaced wonderment with alternating urgency and monotony.
All that changed last week when my imouto (younger sister) and her friend (imouto no tomadachi) came to visit. I must say if you don't have the time or money to travel, invite someone to stay. It felt like I had just arrived in Japan as we raced around looking for unusual sites and experiences.
Now they have gone. Taking with them that small bond with home. It was lent to me only briefly, but all the more special for that reason.
So...back to work. At the moment I'm on a platform in Kyoto Station waiting for my train to Nara. I felt a little sleepy so I purchased a hot coffee from a vending machine.
I think I can safely say that nowhere in Japan are you more than a five minute walk from a drink vending machine. And they are oh so convenient with both hot and cold drinks from the same machine.