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Tentacles and Beer

Ishigaki Island | Japan
All morning I've been kicking through light green seas. Gliding over coral that looks like a child's art project. A strange collection of bowls and scoops. Dimpled fuzzy teddy bear legs, sticks and reindeer antlers. Littering the ocean floor they've been splattered with neon greens, blues and tangerine. In my hand I clutch a 6-foot pole with a wicked looking hook at its end. I've been searching for dark holes to cram my pole into and it is my fondest wish to see a long tentacle snake out from one of these holes and wrap about my spear.
South of Okinawa lies one of Japan's finest diving spots, Ishigaki Island. Today I'm in search of a free lunch. But after an hour I realize I'm not looking for holes but staring dreamily at Clownfish playing hide and seek in the soft tubes of an anemone. So much for my free lunch.
Fortunately I'm not alone. Returning to the beach I find another member of our group proudly holding out her spear…