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Logoland - Playing with city blocks

When British sculptor Adrian Scrivener first arrived in Osaka he looked at his surroundings and found inspiration for a new project. Lost in Japan’s spoken and written language he found the pre-language signs of company logos seemed to offer a foothold by which he could connect both culturally to a different way of life, and physically to a new spatial environment.

His project only includes logos found on permanent surfaces and avoids multinationals or signs that simply spell out a company’s name. At first attracted to the interesting patterns and geometric shapes, he set about photographing, redrawing, then cataloguing over 600 of these symbols. Eventually mapping a graphic language of the city to reveal a link between commercial enterprise and artistic sensibility he finds unique to Japan.
Two observations that struck him during the process were the vast number of logos that include a red circle somewhere in their design as well as a disproportionate number of companies that start w…