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Let’s Burabura! A micro tour through Kyoto

You now realize your jouzu nihongo is lame and yes, you can eat raw fish and use chopsticks. The newness of Japan has worn off and every time you try to get out to soak up some culture you end up in the ¥100 Shop or Starbucks. Well it’s time to take another little walk around Kyoto. But this tour doesn’t have tranquil temples or scenic rivers. The streets are crowded with delivery vans and it appears almost every block is under construction.

Your mantra for this tour is “if you see a door you like, open it.” Nobody’s going to yell at you, maybe. I’m going to give you some landmarks but it’s up to you to choose your own path. All doorways are open to you. Just poke your head in and say hi. And one more thing, don’t be surprised to see women in kimono because we’re going into their happy hunting grounds.

Start from Kyoto Station and take the subway to the Karasuma Oike station. Go out exit six and walk south to Starbucks. If you need a little java juice before setting off on your own, s…