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Meat is good

Oooh wee! I’m eating shepherd’s pie and watching “Big Pig Jig” on Food Network. Meat is good! Thought number one, tonight’s pie is a little juicier than usual. I love it! Thought number two, I think we should plan a vacation around a BBQ contest. I wonder which one we should go to?

Massive Manta in Ishigaki Jima

I just uploaded some photos from my 2004 trip to Ishigaki Jima. I don’t know what was more fun, the awamori, the fresh octopus or the giant manta ray. Can’t wait to return to this rock in the Pacific.

Iron Man 2

Tammy is taking me out on a date tonight. A few weeks ago she booked us tickets to seeIron Man 2 in the Kabuki. Iron Man…cool. Kabuki…even cooler. Assigned seats so we can hang out and enjoy a martini before the show. Minutes before the movie starts we walk in, drinks in tow, and head to our seats. All the seats are love seats with a table on either side.

It’s like a night out at the theater but we get to see a cool movie instead. We’re even picking up a little sushi to sneak in with us.

New Wok

Tammy and I decided it was time to buy a real wok. We looked around for a while and finally stumbled across The Wok Shop in Chinatown. After comparing the merits of a half dozen domes we finally picked a bright and shiny carbon steel wok with a slightly flat bottom. The handle is bolted on with a great big screw. It’s so ugly it’s awesome. Now I have to get it seasoned. The owner of the Wok Store told me the first step is to bake it twice in the oven. I rubbed it down with oil, covered the handles with wet towels and tinfoil and baked it for 20 minutes. This cool copper color is what it looked like after the first baking.

Devilishly Good Eggs

Ingredients6 hard-boiled eggs*4 tbsp mayo2 tbsp dijon mustard1 tsp paprika1 pinch of Old Bay (optional)1/2 tsp dill1/2 tsp freshly grated peppersalt to taste Directions*Perfect Boiled Eggs - Cold, Cover, Remove! Put your eggs in a saucepan (make sure you have a lid) and fill with COLD water until the eggs are completely covered. Put pot on "high" and watch carefully. Once the water in the pot begins to boil rapidly, COVER with a lid, REMOVE the pot from the stove, and let it sit for 6-10 minutes.Remove the shell from the boiled eggs. This is easily done under cold running water.Then, carefully slice each egg in half length-wise. Tip: use a sharp knife and wipe the blade with a paper towel between each slice. That way you won't get yolk on the outside of the egg. Gently remove the yolks and put them in a mixing bowl.This is easiest done with a small teaspoon. Use your fingers to hold the egg open and carefully pop out the yolk.Once you have removed the yolks, use …

Giants vs Rockies

Tammy picked up two two tickets from her boss to see theSF Giants vs Colorado Rockies. Our seats were 11 rows behind home plate and every foul ball looked like it could take our heads off. I could actually see the players faces and having a waiter take orders right from your seat was awesome. I don’t know if this is a sign of old age but I finally saw what people love about baseball – the strategy. I’m usually board out of my pants waiting for something to happen. Maybe it was the fear of a 90 MPH fastball coming towards my head but every time a batter stepped up to the plate I was riveted. I’m game for more.