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Pu Pu Platters in Palo Alto

Every month Tammy and I head to Watercourse for a little R&R. We thought we’d come down a little early tonight for a Mai Tai and Pu Pu platter at Trader Vics. Yumm, I love summer.

What Is A Safety Program?

A Safety Program will create a safer work environment and consequently reduce insurance costs. It can be your greatest tool to combat rising insurance costs and reduced productivity.

The average cost of work injuries when dollars spent and income not received are combined are $1,290,000 for death and $48,000 for disabling injuries.
Source: National Safety Council

OSHA neither approves nor disapproves the design or the effectiveness of safety incentive programs. However, they do not look favorably on safety incentive programs which encourage under reporting of workplace injuries.
OSHA Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines look for the following major program elements (management commitment, employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and training)
A Few Helpful Hints to Setting up your Safety Incentive ProgramPrograms have greater success if they focus on addressing the causes of accidents rather than simply reducing accidents.Programs get stale o…

What Is The Right Product Mix For Incentive Programs?

We're often asked what items should go into an incentive program or employee engagement program. The short answer is variety. As a program manager you must take your own preferences out of the decision process and focus instead on what will be most meaningful to the participants.

I found a great list in the article This is Personal - Engaging on a Personal Level. Maritz Motivation has researched this very topic and come up with seven "points redemption segments," all of whom are more or less motivated by specific redemption segments.
Friendly Adventurers, who make up 11 percent of participants, are most likely to use their rewards points on an adventure or something exciting. They also are motivated to spend on gifts for family and friends, as well as things they can show to their family and friends.Gracious Givers, who make up 12 percent of participants, are most likely to spend their points on family and friends. They also are more likely than other segments to give the…

Life on the Dakini farm

My sister wrote a great blog about her adventures on Dakini Farms. Just when I was hooked on the stories they stopped. Turns out she left the farm and found a killer beach house to live in. Just another example of how much easier it is to write when life is full of lemons.