Fly Fishing In San Francisco

Has there ever been a greater excuse than fly fishing to get outdoors without all the planning needed for a back packing trip? You'd think all the great gear would be sold miles outside of the city. Not the case at all. There's a few outfitters found right downtown. More surprisingly you can cast your line right in the middle of Golden Gate Park at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club.

First founded in 1933, the GGAC has a beautiful lodge right across the street from the Buffalo paddock. Behind the lodge you'll find several large pools designed for casting practice. Once a month the club hosts a free lesson for anyone interested in learning the basics of fly fishing.

Want a unique experience for your next business meeting? Schedule a private lesson for your group. After a fun day where anyone will be able to feel the accomplishment of shooting line over the water you can have an outdoor BBQ or wrap up in front of the lodge fireplace.

Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

Visit the GGAC website

1232 John F Kennedy Dr.
San Francisco, CA 94121

See a panoramic view of the club and pools

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