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What Does The Citizen Packaging Look Like?

Citizen watches ship in a two part cardboard box in a cylindrical shape. The eco friendly packaging is made of recycled paper and this is clearly indicated on the bottom of the packaging.

The top of the packaging slips off and can be turned upside down and added to the bottom to make a pedestal for displaying the watch.

How to Buy Citizen Watches for Business Gifts Manufacturer's Suggested Retail $59.99 - $699.00

Special Markets Supplier Citizen Watch

Gamify My Life - Breakout Session At The 2011 Executive Summit

August 7th - 9th, San Diego California Gamification is not just about cool games on the internet. Many corporations and marketing agencies are using game mechanics as an exciting way to approach organizational behavior management. The same principles which make casinos and the NFL so effective at engaging their audience can be used for sales incentive programs, safety programs and loyalty programs.

Greg Greunke will present Gamify my Life at the Incentive Marketing Associations 2011 Executive Summit. Visit the IMA website to sign up and see the full conference schedule.

The presentation will explore four topics:

How to Design a Game The fundamentals on how to gamify your product or service.

Game Mechanics The primary game mechanics and how they influence game play.

Gamification Concerns Gamifying a project will not always build engagement and in fact could drive away your audience. We'll review bad game design and Skinner Box concerns.

Who Needs Gamification?