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Add Gamification Your Website In Less Than 5 Minutes

How could we talk about Gamification and not use game mechanics on our website? Well, our audience is made up of people like you. Greunke Gifts is not a consumer facing website but a resource for business professionals. While looking up information on how to build loyalty amongst employees or motivate a sales force you will never feel compelled to post this information on Facebook or any public area, but, that doesn't mean we couldn't share a great resource with you.

The BigDoor MiniBar allows you to add simple gamification to your website. We tested it out and just like their video says, it can be set up in less than five minutes. If that wasn't reason enough to try it out how about the cost - free.

For our example lets imagine we're adding gamification to a BLOG website which encourages guest authors to post articles.

Define your Goals Your blog has two goals (1) encourage people to publish articles and (2) encourage people to share their thoughts about the artic…

Paneer Indian Cheese

This is the most basic recipe for making cheese. Paneer is a fresh cheese using a simple acid to separate curdles and whey - lemons. To use Paneer try Indian Curry with Indian Paneer.
Ingredients1/2 gallon cow's milk1/4 Cup fresh lemon juiceEquipment3 or 4 Qrt. saucepanStainless Steel SpoonColanderFine cheesecloth InstructionsSterilize the cheesecloth.Pour milk into the saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir frequently to keep from scorching.After milk begins to boil slowly add lemon juice. The curds will start to form immediately and the liquid will change from opaque white to semi-translucent. While pouring the lemon juice in the saucepan stir with a back and forth motion, not a circular pattern. Remove saucepan and allow to cool for 30 minutes.Line a colander with the cheesecloth and pour the curds and whey into the cheesecloth. Sprinkle with cold water.Hang the bag so the whey can drain. About 15 minutes.Open the cheesecloth on a flat surface and use your hands to flatten the ch…

Home Made Butter

Make or buy? This is definitely a buy. While the recipe is easy it's far cheaper to buy butter and there's no difference in quality or food value.

That being said, using only your KitchenAid mixer you can make butter in about 30 minutes. 
Ingredients2 pts heavy whipping creamIce cold water1/4 Tsp sea salt
DirectionsAdd the whisk attachment to your KitchenAid.Pour milk into mixing bowl and mix on high until fat/butter separates from the whey.Pour out the whey over a strainer. Collect any butter that drops and into the strainer and throw back into your mixing bowl.Add about a 1/2 cup cold water. Change the KitchenAid attachment to the dough blade and mix the butter and cold water.Pour out water and add more water. Repeat until the whey is clear. This process removes water from the butter. Any leftover water in the butter can spoil.Add 1/4 Tbs sea salt and mix by hand for another minute. Scoop your butter into a container and put in the refrigerator. 
Alternatives Mix garlic powde…

Greunke Company Addresses

We've changed locations a couple times since 1975. So were are we now? The island of Alameda in San Francisco Bay.

2009 to 2013
1151 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 203A
Alameda, CA 94502

2006 to 2009
1300 South Van Ness Avenue, Suite 202
San Francisco, CA 94110
1995 - 2005
29 Keats Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941
1990 - 1995
221 Main Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
1985 - 1990
100 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
1980 - 1985
201 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
1975 - 1980
215 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94111