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Top 10 Vera Bradley styles October 2011

Numbers from retail store sales September 22nd, 2011 to October 11th, 2011. The top selling item is the Medium Cosmetic and the top three colors overall are 115 Suzani, 113 Rythm and Blues and 116 Flora Nighting.
Top 10 Vera Bradley Styles by Units10385 Medium Cosmetic10490 Tech Case10125 Zip ID Case11102 Mints11483 Carry It All Wristlet11262 Hipster10816 Lanyard Eaches10489 All in One Wristlet11682 Loop Keychain11885 Lunch Date
Top 10 Vera Bradley Colors by Dollars 115 Suzani113 Rhythm & Blues116 Floral Nighting114 Tea Garden110 Mocha Rouge111 Happy Snails069 Baroque063 Very Berry Pais112 Safari Sunset117 Plum Petals
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Are Bamboo Cutting Boards Truly Green?

Bamboo is a sustainable product but we wanted to know if the entire process was green. I asked David Chen, of Totally Bamboo, to explain his companies approach to making bamboo boards and gifts.
Yes, the entire process for making bamboo products is eco-friendly and truly as "green" as you can get. When harvesting we cut down only 2-3 poles per plant and leave the remaining 2 so the remaining bamboo can replenish and re-grow naturally and without fertilizer. The shavings of bamboo are used to fuel the fire for the steamers which caramelizes the light bamboo naturally to turn it into the darker caramel color you see.We supply product for many retailers bamboo programs such as Crate & Barrel, Sur La Table, William Sonoma, Disney, Kohls, Dillards, Bloomindales, JC Penny and thousands more. Many of the retailers have the strictest standards we need to meet before even having a chance to show them our products.
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Hickory Farms Corporate Gifts

A few weeks after we were assigned to be the West coast representative for Hickory Farms a great big box arrived at my door. I suppose I could have waited until I got home to share with my wife but I just couldn't resist peeking inside.

After lifting the lid from the white styrofoam box I saw a gift wrapped in gold foil. That was it. I left the office early and walked into my home carrying the huge box from Hickory Farms. It's funny, I don't think my wife has ever cared more about any of our new suppliers than the day I showed up with a honey baked ham.

We invited the neigbors over for dinner the next night and ate the sweet and smokey ham until we felt we would burst. The next night we cut off a good 10 slices and shared them with my wife's parents. A few more lunches and there was nothing left but the ham bone.

You'd think this would be the end of my story but no, this is the best part. We found a recipe for ham bone soup. The bone was placed in the bottom of our …