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How can I help my sales people lower their blood pressure?

Sales is a high stress job. How could a sales manager create a program to help his sales people pay more attention to their blood pressure and work towards improving their health? One sales manager's solution was to buy blood pressure monitors for his team. A solution which introduced a host of new problems. Ward Greunke wrote the following proposal on using the overconfidence bias to reduce stress in sales people.

For a recent consulting project I was asked to find a way to get medical equipment salesmen to use a particular blood pressure monitoring device. The problem is, blood pressure monitoring is similar to measuring someone’s weight. You can’t just run a contest like, “The Biggest Loser” because some people may already be at a low weight and it would not make sense for those people to lose any more weight. Additionally, there may be particular reasons why it is hard for some people to lose weight or lower their blood pressure.One solution is to create an incentive for p…

Best Buy hires Stephen Gillett to create greater technology solutions

Do you love your Starbucks iPhone App as much as I do? I once drove to Starbucks for a Sunday coffee and realized on the way home, steamy cup of joe in my hand, that I had completely forgotten to bring my wallet.

Stephen Gillett is the man responsible for many of the successful digital solutions at Starbucks, including the App I described above.

Read the full article on Forbes, Best Buy Hires Starbucks' CIO to Boost Online Sales.

Zero Water Kits for consumer premiums

Soft drinks are hard to turn down because they're cold and ready to go. Not to mention they taste good (although you don't feel great after drinking all that sugar). We would all feel drink water more often if it was as convenient and tasty.

Zero Water elliminates all contaminates in your water. Just fill up the pitcher, keep it in your fridge and you'll be surprised how different, and refreshing, tap water can taste.

Lapine has been adding Zero Water to corporate incentive and gift programs for about a year now. Today we were told they've created two kits to make this product even tastier. We've posted a sales sheet with pricing in the Lapine Supplier Details library.

Zerowater 8-Cup Filtration Pitcher available at retail.

Special Markets Supplier Lapine

What Would The Irish Prime Minister Give To President Obama?

Hoping for good luck between our two nations the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, visited President Obama on March 20th to celebrate St. Patrick's day. What is the best gift between two world leaders? Waterford crystal of course.

The footed Waterford Crystal bowl features and interpretive design representing the four provinces of Ireland intertwined with the Celtic knot symbol for eternity.

This new shamrock design will be featured in a new collection from Waterford that will be launched in April of 2012.

My Top 3 of the 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

Jeff Haden worked his way up from forklift driver to manager of a 250-employee book plant. His article 8 Qualities of a Remarkable Employee has been widely spread around the LinkedIn community. Of his eight qualities I'd like to highlight three of the most important.

1. They ignore job descriptions We don't fear extra work. We just fear having to do more work than we can accomplish in a day. The amazing employees who don't stop at their job description and lend a hand wherever necessary should be recognized often.
2. They speak when others won't After months of planning you announce your big initiative to your group, and then cringe waiting for your peers to tear it apart. You have only two options at this point - defend your decisions or make a change. Wanted or not, the person who speaks out is often saying what others don't feel comfortble saying.
3. They publicly praise This is my favorite. We thrive on recognition. There is no greater way to propel an em…

People are motivated as they get closer to a goal

No question we are a very visual society. This may seem like an odd place to learn about behavior but 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People is a great resource for learning about how to motivate people.

On page 116 they discuss the goal-gradient effect. Studies show that you accelerate your behavior as you progress closer to your goal. This is similar to the gamification mechanic Progression. This mechanic explains that sucess is granularly displayed after completing itemized tasks.

A good example of what this looks like is the progression bar on LinkedIn. The value of LinkedIn is dependant on the massive amounts of content their users post. In order to encourage you to add more data they use the progression bar to show you how close you are to completing your profile.
No one wants to fail after getting close to a goal. By visualizing this concept you'll increase user engagement.