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Image is using the game mechanic Countdown to turn passive readers into explorers. A google search for the definition of a word will often drive you to to learn more, but I'm certain most users immediately leave the site after a quick read.

Just under the definition of the word you're looking for is the box shown above. A 10 second timer challenges you to test your skills. As the countdown nears zero it's extremely hard to avoid picking one of the two choices. The countdown create a sense of urgency and you are immediately rewarded with the answer.

Gotcha! Now you are sure to explore the online dictionary further as you test your knowledge.

What does flibbertigibbet mean? You'll have to visit to find out.

IMRA Conference Speaker - Social Media

Social Media: Are you a Ninja or a River Guide? All reps and suppliers in the special markets channel agonize over how much they should leverage social media. This poses a unique problem because of the complex buying channels. Manufacturer's reps are not a secret entirely, but their role is to support the buyers and resellers of merchandise. Reps must straddle a fine line between awareness for their service and confidentiality for their buyers.

Read the follow up article in the IMRA June newsletter.

IMRA 42nd Annual Marketing Conference April 22-24
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Companies using non-cash rewards post higher revenue growth

It's not enough just to recognize employee achievements. Tangible rewards help with goal setting and provide bragging rights to the recipient. When an employee shares the story about their new iPad, bicycle or jewelery they're reinforcing the value of the path they took to the reward.

A new study from the Incentive Research Foundation found companies which used non-cash incentives achieved three times the annual revenue growth over companies which did not.

In their research they found companies that provide non-cash rewards had a 2.1% increase in revenue from one year to the next, while all others saw an 0.7% decrease.

Learn more about this study from the Aberdeen Group Rewards and Recognition as a Vital Compensation Component