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Inside IMRA: Are you a Ninja or a River Guide?

Follow up article to social media presentation at the 2012 IMRA conference.

IMRA Member Perspectives Social Media: Are you a Ninja or a River Guide? Greg Greunke led a round table discussion on using social media at the April Marketing Conference. He summarizes the conversation here:

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Why do we use social media? To engage. There may be filters like DM or circles but social media is public. The question is "Should you use social media?"

We initially discussed how public we were about our business and how many people called on distributors only. After a good discussion it was agreed that there wasn't a single rep, orsupplier, who called exclusively on distributors. Conclusion, today we are river guides and no longer ninjas.

I shared with people the current as well as emerging social media platforms. Most people were not familiar with Google + and I think the room agreed this was the social media platform best d…

TechFocus: CRM

When someone calls you on the phone, or sends you an email, do you instantly know how much business you’ve done with their company? Do you know who their customers are or which territory they’re in?

Searching through email, Excel sheets or simple databases will help you catalog answers, but it doesn’t provide valuable insight into your business. As an example, let’s say you work on 15 projects with someone at Company A and they leave for Company B. CRM will tell you whether the person, or if the company they are with, is more valuable.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is primarily used for sales but it’s also an invaluable tool for support and marketing. Following are a few highlights on how we use CRM.

CRM is People Focussed Accounts, leads, orders, projects and tasks are all connected to one or more person. The more activities you create for a person the more valuable that person will appear in your CRM. How you measure this data is just important though.

I hav…