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Facebook gifts are real

If you thought Facebook's mobile advertising plan was going to sink the company you didn't consider how many other sources of revenue they could tap into. Facebook just announced on their Blog a new service called Facebook Gifts
The concept is compelling. From your own newsfeed or on a friend's timeline you can click on a gift icon to send them something tangible for their birthday, anniversary or any occasion where an email just isn't enough. The recipient chooses their own ship to address so the process is simple... and simple means you will follow through.​ ​I know the Apple Cards app has changed how I send cards to friends. The mobile version of Facebook Gifts has the potential to be just as powerful. A mobile application doesn't make it more convenient to send gifts on the go. It means you can cross off another task whenever you want wherever you are. In fact, standing in line at Starbucks I may be inspired to send a Starbucks gift card to my friend for thei…

Gamification and BLTs

The invention of the term gamification was inevitable. PCs and Smart Phones have become and extension of our lives and video games have already created the kind of engagement software developers can only dream about.  As a marketing tool the word gamification was an instant success and a double edge sword. The word itself is both fun and trivializes a well established strategy of behavior techniques. ​Game mechanics have been used by behaviorists, game designers and incentive companies for years, but while the strategies are not new gamification gives people a new way to approach today's challenges. Computers and people are awkwardly paired together and gamification creates a personal experience where none existed before. More importantly, gamification creates much needed feedback for users and useful data for program managers.  Many articles about gamification over simplify the process as the application of badges and points. Slap on a leaderboard and you've gamified your we…

Dance across the world

Dancing is one of those things that everyone does. I guarantee you will smile, and probably laugh out loud watching this video.


Where in the Hell is Matt?

TinyTap uses gamification to teach tots

Apple has consistently led the way in creating simple user interfaces designed for people. Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive were relentless in their pursuit of a design aesthetic that eliminated clutter. The gamification mechanic that relates to this process is called Cascading Information Theory. This means you should only expose a user to the minimum amount of information necessary to gain the appropriate level of understanding for that stage. Each successive stage builds on the knowledge of the last stage.

From the moment we're born learning is accomplished through a combination of challenges and achievements. A free App from TinyTap allows anyone to teach valuable skills to their child with simple playable books, using your own photos and recorded questions.

The interactive nature of an iPad makes learning so simple...even a child can do it. Photos, voice recording and a touch sensitive screen revolutionize the concept of teaching a child to recognize the parts of their face. They…

Cash vs Gamification

Update: This article has been moved to the November/December issue on high tech sales tools.

Why is it that safety programs have thrown out the idea of using incentives to build a safer working environment? When it comes to life and death situations results matter and incentives guarantee only one thing - unintended consequences like hidden injuries.

Yet when it comes to sales incentives cash is still trotted out over and over. The reasons range from "It's easy to manage" to "that's what people ask for."

Gamification is a strategy designed to influence behavior and it is a perfect vehicle for challenges and competition.

In the article Cash vs Gamification I explored the reasons why gamification can create a more powerful motivator for your sales team than cash.

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